Comment: To help some people who may be conflicted

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To help some people who may be conflicted

The libertarian position is always by default, to keep the state out of it. Just like those libertarians who do not want the state to restrict abortion do not have that position because they are in favor of murdering babies. They have it because they know government power is dangerous and to be used as little as possible, and then a little less.

In other words just because we have misgivings about what the government will do with more power to regulate farms (and we are absolutely right to have them!) does not mean that we cannot be morally outraged at the curs who do this sort of thing.

I don't want the state to do anything. I would love to see them get the crap beat out of them though, and I'm very happy they got fired.

This idea that because we are offended by something, even morally outraged, means that the state must DO something is exactly the trap they set.

We, especially we, should not fall for the trap.

In fact I would argue it's all the hurdles and regulations the government puts in front of farmers that restricts competition and allows bad actors like this to continue. I'd bet Tyson knew about this, it was just cheaper to keep using them because the FDA keeps regulating farmers out of business.