Comment: Oh the E gets upset when an uppity I stands up for himself

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Oh the E gets upset when an uppity I stands up for himself

I'm just saying I like being left alone sometimes. This bothers you.

Who is the thought police?

I have dated lots of E's. The world is full of them. Nice people. Just not ideal for I's to live with in my experience, which is a lot. My wife also agrees.

Being with an I is awesome. Finding other I's is the hard part.

E's gain energy through interaction, I's lose energy through interaction, and need to recharge. This creates an adverse relationship dynamic which has to be overcome. The E always tends to feel slighted, the I always tends to feel crowded. It can of course be overcome but personally I don't see the point in bothering, unless you really love the person.

But as long as I've offended you and offering an opinion may as well keep going.. in my opinion the world is largely the way it is because of E's. E's, because they crave human interaction more, base their opinions more on what the crowd thinks than what principles, logic, and morality might dictate.

E's tend to be the ones who go along. I's tend to be the ones that say "No, this is wrong, I don't care what everyone else thinks!"

Some people say we can't have democracy because women vote. I don't think that is right. We can't have democracy because E's vote. And too many vote without their own thought, but based on the group think of the crowd.

There, have I offended you enough?:D

Obviously people here, E's and I's, think much more than most people. And regardless I don't suggest any 'fix' to the problem of people being different.

It's E's who tend to think I's need to be 'fixed'. I's just want to be left alone from the would be 'fixers' sometimes.