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Yeah, that comment was just begging to be mistaken.

No, I was not saying anyone should engage in violent retribution against the hands. I'm fully aware of the NAP and wouldn't even support a federal law on the subject as that is also violence. Much more dangerous violence, in fact.

I was not conflating the value of a human life to that of an animal.

I totally understand where you're coming from and agree.

What I was intending to say by 'they deserve' is that I wish this world were just and men who dispensed cruelty were met with the same. Doesn't matter if it's Charles Ng, Joseph Stalin or someone choking a dog for kicks.

That's not the case though the world is complicated and so the best way to deal with such cases would be with state/local law, boycotts, buycotts, etc.. Obviously, violence would be no solution.

As for the chickens, my grandmother would cut their heads off in one fell swoop. I see nothing wrong with that other than it is an unfortunate reality. The spinal cord is severed immediately. Negligible pain is inflicted. No joy is taken in the act. I see this as being different than what was exhibited above.

Apologies for the confusion.