Comment: Come on Granger.

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Come on Granger.

International law is the realm of the UN and the Trans Pacific Partnership, and is all BAD, BAD, BAD! Did I say it was all bad?
"We the People" have had our law making powers taken away from us, stolen from us whilst we were being amused to death.
Why would I want Monsanto, Pfizer,and God knows what other Global cartel, part of my (or your) countries law making process?
A small country like mine could be Bankrupted and striped of all assets under the terms of the TPP, which is why this Business deal is so secretive.
International law is the politics of Progressives for the benefit of a few. Can it change the world? Yes, but not for the betterment of it.
We should abolish the UN if we want this world to be a better place.