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Ah yes, UUCPNET and Bang Paths!!!

You're dating yourself here, but then maybe so am I! lol

I would look at UUCP as more of a TCP/IP protocol layer since it offered many of the services ran on TCP now. Sure, you could send email but that was basically on a closed system of software and of computers. (Kind of like the BBS days) It wasn't a generalized set of instructions for the world to use, even if they're running on a Xtal radio link.

I think both SMTP and TCP/IP are actually the examples you're looking for. Thinking back, TCP was first (even the satellite comm used it in hardware form in the 70's) and it kicked Token Ring and ArcNet's butt. Still going strong today. SMTP was on the ropes for a long time against PPP but I think that's pretty much settled too.

Either way, I don't think past history ever precludes present predictions, so it doesn't matter. The meat of it for me, is that it does all that we can think of wanting now and lots more and there doesn't seem to be a drawback that would cause someone to create a competing protocol. Clients? Heck yes. But not protocol. So, until that happens, it's just going to keep gaining market share and setting down roots.

In retrospect, I just though of ArpaNet and their email system but I don't think that qualifies as a first big mover or an open protocol.

Thnx for the stroll. ;)