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I would love to help you purchase Bitcoin, but the methods I used way back when no longer work. What I can say is due to charge-backs (I've lost hundreds, another reason Bitcoin is the best way to pay online), you must pay IN CASH. This can be a money order, physical cash, etc... but anyone who isn't an idiot will not take credit card payments for Bitcoin. This is a fault of fiat, not Bitcoin.

One website I've heard about (but not used) is, which helps connect you to sellers in your area.

What I can help you out with wallet security.

(Note: The advice I'm about to give should not be used to manage huge amounts of cash-- there are more secure methods. This is a good way to manage security and convenience for everyday use.)


Set up an account on Download a local copy. Do not place this copy on you hard drive, but on a USB drive in your safe. This will protect against their web-servers or your computer going down.


Create a secure password for your Blockchain wallet. If you are scared you will forget, write down a copy and lock it in your safe. THERE IS NO PASSWORD RESET LINK. Link your account to a secure email with a password different from your Blockchain account. If you have lots of Bitcoin consider purchasing a YubiKey for $30 (place in your safe). If you want to access your Bitcoin on a regular basis you can place withdraw limits on your account (so a Humble Bundle video game purchase will require only a simple password, while a new computer from will require retrieving the Yubikey from your safe). This will protect against thieves.

Now if somebody wants to steal your Bitcoin they must...

1. Know your username.
2. Know your password.
3. Know your email address.
4. Know your email password.
5. Break into your house, crack your safe, and steal your Yubikey.

At this point, you should be able to sleep soundly. And of course (as mentioned above) something always could happen-- this method is about balancing convenience with security. So if you purchase TONS of Bitcoin you have no intention of using, an offline wallet in your safe may be better.