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Never use paypal to obtain

Never use paypal to obtain BTC, they can use chargebacks to scam you out of your money. For the US, coinbase would be the easiest as that's what most people recommend. You can pay with a bank transfer to obtain BTC with them. is a bit more hassle, but because of that extra hassle, the coins are cheaper too. And I believe the American community is great over there, so you could get some tips by meeting up. But always meet up in place with lots of people. That way, they can't mug you. is also a favourite of mine. It's ideal for both the US and Europe.

If you buy coins online, always use 2 factor authentication for extra security. If you don't, they can hack your account to steal your coins. You will need to download an app in order to use that (google authenticator).

When using websites, you must not leave either money or BTC for an extended period of time on those websites, since they can be hacked. Storing the BTC on your own comp is the safest. Make atleast 2-3 backups of your wallet, because if your comp crashes, your BTC will be gone. You can copy the wallet on USB or you can write down the private key on paper.