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I think we are hairless

I think we are hairless monkeys too. However as one of those hairless monkeys, I put my own species above others. That doesn't mean I condone people who torture other living things for fun. While I wouldn't say animals have rights, I also don't think rights come from gods. I think they are the logical manifestation birthed in the fact that people form bonds of love with one another and wish to see their loved ones live in peaceful societies with a chance to prosper. No matter how much you claim to love and honor the sacrifice of the living thing you just killed and devoured, you still killed it, and devoured it. You still deprived it of its right ot life. So lets not pretend we believe animals have a right to life.

Im a hunter too, and I strive to give the animal I kill the quickest, most pain-free death I can. I would never torture it, but thats not because I feel it has rights, its because I am not without compassion.

However the problem of animals being tortured on these mega-farms is a problem solved by the free market. Tyson dropped these jerks like a hot potato the second this video hit the internet.

People in general don't like to see cruelty, even to their food.