Comment: Not only SSDs but I'm sure Win7 and 8 are much better than XP

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Not only SSDs but I'm sure Win7 and 8 are much better than XP

though XP is tried and tested well by now.

But for me, the entire design (not aestheticly) is flawed. I just have more of an affinity for *nix type systems. I like the "everything is a file" approach, and that I can actually fix something with a little effort, rather than have to just rely on reinstall, restart, wipe, rinse, repeat.

Even after 5 years I'm still dealing with some legacy applications I haven't yet migrated away from and they don't play nice with WINE, so I'm stuck with VMs. (not cool on old P3 systems which are otherwise very usable.)

If Win7 or 8 "fix" the issues XP had, and are not just window dressing, that's fine, but if I'm going to spend money on an OS now, I'll just buy (another) Mac. (and stick with the *nix world since OSX is now certified Unix)

Even if I bought a new machine with Windows on it, I'm not sure I'd keep it around. I just don't feel like having to deal with memory/CPU hogging always active malware apps. I don't like the bloat of the system either.

Anyway, I feel your pain on the app issue. It can be a pain for some. Thankfully, the tide is turning on that front as more and more software is made for Linux and as WINE improves their APIs.