Comment: SUE them personally and attach their personal assets!

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SUE them personally and attach their personal assets!

We all need to learn about Common Law and Jury Nullification. The corruption will only get worse. This lady needs to SUE them with a counterclaim in a Common Law court!
"Grand Juries are the highest and most supreme power...So, if all political power resides within the People, and the People, sitting as Grand Jurors, have the ultimate control over all criminal matters and are free to indict whomsoever they will, including public officials, why propose Recalls of public officials?..e one and only way we will ever recover our country, and that is through our inherent power to establish Special Grand Juries." has the power to enforce law and remove people from office. Dean Clifford - Courtroom Procedure & Jurisdiction – Full "Good jurors nullify bad laws" - Campaign to promote jury nullification Fully Informed Jury Association