Comment: Dangers of fracking

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Dangers of fracking

Another point is that fracking operations in one state can affect people in others, including but not limited to the quality of their drinking water. (Why are fracking operations exempt from the federal Safe Drinking Water Act?)

Take a quick trip down a fracking pipe:

Aside from the drinking water and chemicals issue, and all that wastewater left in open pools to pollute the air and living beings affected by that air (people, animals, and plants), fracking causes earthquakes. Additionally, there are the issues of methane geysers, the land grab by these companies, the fact that crops can be drawing in contaminated water, the effect on dairy cows, and the deleterious effect on animals that have come in contact with the fluid (less than a third of their calves survived).

This government and scientists & engineers do not *yet* understand how things interconnect (think: Butterfly effect). Fracking involves *large scale operations* - too big to be messing around with where nature and natural systems are concerned, no less with *known* dangerous consequences.

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