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Shooting a drone is

Shooting a drone is counterproductive. I worked with a guy who claimed to know some good computer hackers and its actually really easy to take control of drones. They said they would jam the signal and mark on gps where the drone is. Then they fly it around like a personal RC plane for a few min then line up the position and turn off the signal jam. That way the operator just thinks the signal just went down and is none the wiser. You can use an encrypted smartphone and just have to bounce the signal off a few telecom satellites first to cover your tracks.

He said the navy drone that went down a while back was actually becuase a group of hackers tried to take it over and the operators initiated counter measures but the struggle eventually fried the electronics and it crashed.

It is very interesting the cat and mouse game of hackers and the government that tries to catch (then recruit) them.

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