Comment: I'm not anti-Christian. I'm pro-Christian.

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I'm not anti-Christian. I'm pro-Christian.

I'm just not a Christian.

The reason people 'persecute you' isn't because you're a Christian.

It's because you say stupid divisive crap like "We will lose this battle for the republic without divine providence." Which I will note plenty of Christians do not say, and do not catch crap.

If you want to post a prayer, fine. If you want to convince me to worship your God I have no problem with that. If you want to complain about the Feds stopping a local government from having a plaque with the Ten Commandments on their courthouse, I'm with you. If you want to rail against Churches being forced to fund contraception, I'm behind you.

But don't tell me I'm less of a libertarian because I don't worship your god, or the only path to liberty is through worshiping your god.

It's not. In fact my principle is liberty. My principle is zero threat to you, ever. I would never suggest you be prevented from worshiping as you wish.

Your principle is Jesus. To you God comes before liberty, and if you changed your interpretation of what you think God says you would be against liberty as quickly. Lot's of Christians are progressive collectivists for that reason. In fact most Christians world wide favor socialism over freedom.

I'm pleased to have you as a brother in liberty. I'm fine if you want to save my soul. But keep these things separate. Don't tell me I'm not a real patriot because you haven't convinced me. Christianity isn't that great a friend to liberty, world wide.