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Comment: Nothing to do with the stupid gift...

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Nothing to do with the stupid gift...

It has to do with you openly refusing to love all people as your brother. You are letting petty differences cause you to resent people spending time with their families or saying a certain phrase or giving or receiving gifts on "your holiday". That is UN-christian. Period.

And it's not that you're just admitting you have fallen short of the teachings of Jesus, that would just mean you're's that you're EMBRACING that you refuse to follow those teachings (= un-Christian)

BTW, which sounds silly to you:
(a) "you're welcome to celebrate any holidays anyway you want, so long as you don't hinder my ability to do the same"
(b) "you can't celebrate my holiday because you don't believe what I do"

You do realize everything you have said in this thread is opposite of the "freedom" you claim to support, right?