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I'll answer your questions,

I'll answer your questions, please also answer mine. Yes, clearly Christmas has Christian origins (although others have mentioned many "Christmas" traditions which I enjoy with my family do not). Yes, I would feel silly celebrating Eid Al Adha. I know nothing of that holiday, which is why I would feel silly...and I would be the only one celebrating. Christmas, on the other hand, has been celebrated in my family every year of my life and I was brought up in a Christian home, so it's very familiar to me...I didn't (nor did anyone) "just start" celebrating it and warp it into something else. The traditions of Christmas have been evolving for centuries and continue to evolve.

Here are my questions for you:

How does non-christians celebrating the various non-religious aspects of Christmas interfere with your ability to celebrate it religiously?

If you agree that it doesn't interfere, then why does it elicit the emotion you would openly describe as "hate"?