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Comment: I am more concerned about the

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I am more concerned about the

I am more concerned about the nature of man and its need to be so debased with its cruelty. Again and again...the evidence presents itself. Why would the cruel nature of these men stop here? If "God" gave us dominion over the animals and this is how we handle this responsibility then God's wrath be upon us. We're not worth saving. If I thought giving up meat would put an end to the cruelty bestowed on our animals I would do that and I like meat...but the nature of these beasts (the two legged ones) is still omnipresent I fear. ...and it is getting more and more out of control.I hope they don't recruit into the police force or the military or walk our streets as people. I'm rambling...I'm sorry I find this excruciatingly upsetting. I couldn't finish watching it.