Comment: One Individual Libertarian vis-a-vis the Church (a treatise)

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One Individual Libertarian vis-a-vis the Church (a treatise)

Bless them. Whether I "channeled" that or not is pretty much semantics. The thoughts in everyone' mind are congruent with whatever thoughts in Diety's mind out of an infinity of thoughts, are not just congruent, they are identical, e.g:

Rich Grise's thoughts are a subset of Diety's thoughts
Faithkills' thoughts are a subset of Diety's thoughts
BillRow's thoughts are a subset of Diety's thoughts
nofedirs' thoughts are a subset of Diety's thoughts
GoodSamaritan's thoughts are a subset of Diety's thoughts
Unknownuser's thoughts are a subset of Diety's thoughts
mingeem's thoughts are a subset of Diety's thoughts
Spirit of '76's thoughts are a subset of Diety's thoughts

The thing is, there's room for everybody's thoughts and opinions and whatever in this infinite Mindspace. Even non-believers, even the rabid ones, have a place in Mindspace. and everybody shares whatever part of Diety's mindspace that he or she chooses.

There's the crux.

There are Christians, and Buddhists, and Hindus, and what we used to call Moslems, and followers of the Tao, and so on. There are even believers in the Flying Spaghetti Monster and Cthulhu. As a skydiver, I beileve in That Great Roulette Wheel in the Sky.

And the Universe is big enough for all of them.

Now, what's this "Libertarian" schtuff everybody's all atwitter about. Hey! Which came first, "atwitter" or a Twitter? ;-)

Well, there are Libertarians over here, and there are Libertarians over there, there are Libertarians who are lumberjacks, and there are Libertarians who are programmers, and there are Libertarians who flip burgers, and there are Redneck libertarians and there are artsy-fartsy Libertarians, and there are plumbers who are Libertarians, essentially we want to welcome everybody to the party of Almost Absolute Liberty for all, that is, do absolutely anything in the whole wide universe that you feel like doing, as long as you don't hurt anybody or forcibly interfere with their Almost Absolute Liberty. That's one piece of the Mindspace that every libertarians shares with other and their own part of Diety's mindspace that they're sharing at the time. So you've got millions and millions of mindspaces of all shapes and sizes that have a sort of appendage that extends to include the Libertarian mindspace. So, in that area of Almost Absolute Liberty that all Libertarians share you could say that we're all of one mind, at least about that one thing. And you're free to romp and play in whatever corner of Infinite Mindspacy you lay claim to. If you and the person next to you decide to put a cooperative garden in the back yard that crosses the property line, such that space is shared between you and your neighbor, then everything would be peachy. But if you and your neighbor didn't have that agreement, and you started roto-tilling his backyard, he'd probably try to stop you. ;-D

Churches seem to have a aura of exclusivity about them, they'll say they welcome everybody, but what they mean is they'll welcome anybody who pledges their fealty to the church and follow their leader, just like with political parties.

And the gods of most of these chunks of Deity claim to be all of Deity. And their way of enforcing their exclusivity is by telling you that nonbelievers will go to Hell. Maybe for some of them, Liberty is Hell, because they can't live without a leader. OK, that's what they choose to do, it's no skin off my teeth.

You can't escape Free Will, only hide it under the tarp of obedience to whichever authority you've chosen to install as your boss.

The most wondrous part, and at once the most difficult part, is to get everyone to join the mindspace of Almost Absolute Liberty without any leader(s). Each person is the owner of her life and is 100% responsible for her own well-being. Now, if there's someone who doesn't know how to take care of themselves, them by the generosity of the Human Spirit someone or some group will help out just out of the goodness of their heart. But when someone can't take care of himself because external events block that person, then we've got a problem. And those problems seem to be just as exponential as graphs of every other thing that people make graph of. All while wages pretty much flat-line, but that's a different topic.

In the interim, however, the more Libertarians there are the better we'll be able to defeat those external forces that keep us from having our Heart's Desire, the most fundamental of which is Liberty, one person at a time. The way to do that is to take back control of our own lives in whatever way we can and push back their aggression - or just plain ignore any rules you don't like - until we get them put back in their right place, within the inviolable rules spelled out in the Constitution.

There are rules that I don't like all that much, but I go along because the alternative is worse, like speed laws. I don't like keeping my speed down to 60 on a highway that's been engineered to go 80 or 90 on, but I'd rather 60 than a speeding ticket. And the Constitution spells out exactly what the things are that they have been granted the authority to do. And they're not prohibited from making speed limits.

But, the only Libertarians who don't like certain people of a certain religion are those Libertarians who don't like certain people of a certain religion. I don't particularly care, as long as they don't get annoying about it. :-D

Freedom is my Worship Word!