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Comment: This is a huge issue

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This is a huge issue

and the press is so ill-informed and educated that many of the significant points aren't even discussed.

First Amendment (you know the one with the free speech stuff in it) jurisprudence has discussed for decades if not centuries the need to avoid anything that has a "chilling effect" on free speech. That means laws that regulate speech, monitoring of speech, etc. Where is the media discussion of that issue?

And remember growing up and hearing about the poor Soviets and how their government spies on them and their neighbors rat them out? We've become that. I am having tgiving dinner with a relative whose husband is a cop. Do you think I'm going to let loose, knowing that all local police work with feds and the feds have fusion centers that spy on us and that the feds will put a microscope up your ass for essentially nothing more than what is being typed here? Heck no.

I'm paranoid enough of it, that I actually closed down an entire email account to minimize contact with certain persons who had bad judgment on what they send.

it's a huge issue. People now have to think about how politically correct they are before discussing their beliefs, not because it will make others think they are crazy, or cost them a job, but because they fear the government. This has to stop and I don't think it is too far gone - the people are largely furious over this. The only silver lining is it is all so outrageous that it is waking people up.

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