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Don't disgree, but....'s really hard to get past the sense in the Murray Rothbard quote that Good Samaritan posted below. I hope he'll post it again. Rothbard was clear that the LP and libertarian philosophy will never succeed in any kind of mainstream way as long as the mainstream views libertarianism as an atheist movement.

It doesn't mean libertarians need to be believers in anything but libertarianism. It does mean that the rabid atheism associated with the libertarian movement, rightly or wrongly, DIRECTLY CONTRIBUTES to the negative view of libertarianism by most people.

And THAT does not help our cause.

I think it's pretty obvious that atheists can be just as "religious" in their beliefs and just as proselytizing and preachy as the Christians they complain about.

If you're a libertarian, I imagine you ought to believe in minding your OWN business and letting others believe whatever the hell they want, right?