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Bad analogy...

Celebrating christmas differently than you is not the same as taking that guys prayer mat. Taking his mat interferes with his ability to practice his religion. Celebrating Christmas different than you is more like simply HAVING a different mat that I use in my bathroom. He might try to say: "the origin of mats is for prayer, so any other use is disrespectful", to which I'd say "relax dude, mats have evolved and me having a bathroom mat doesn't take away your ability to use your mat however you want."

Respecting someone's religion means allowing them to practice their religion freely. That's what I'm doing. I'm telling you you're free to celebrate whatever holidays however you want. (When someone tells you to take the manger scene down from your property, I'll be right there with you fighting them tooth and nail.)

However, respecting a religion does NOT mean I agree to never do anything that religion might frown upon (celebrate christmas in an impure way, for example...or allow my wife to expose her wrist as forbidden by some religions).

You can't get offended because someone isn't practicing religion the way you want them to. Otherwise that justifies everyone to be offended by the way you practice (or don't practice) religion.

BTW, I'm sure there are TONS of things we say and do or traditions or holidays (Halloween?) that had religious origins in the past. That doesn't mean we're all snotty little jerks pissing on everyone else's just means that customs and traditions evolve over time.