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Learn Programming

I am an automation specialist by trade working with System engineering. I do all aspects of systems automation, embedded, application and enterprise interface level programming, circuits, CAD design and optics but by far the easiest to earn a good living without college and the least requirement for a degree is programming.

DB programming with SQL is probably the easiest to get up to speed on and everything can be learned for free online but C# has some of the most diverse applications and needs out there but also much longer learning curve. If one chooses C# I would highly recommend starting with at least community college class in digital logic and possibly microprocessors as good foundation otherwise you might get lost. You can pick up the more advanced computer science concepts as you move through your career. If you just do programming then no real need for circuits.

Lots of programming needed out there and high pay for skilled workers. Most of this can all be learned online now and no need for degrees for most jobs.

Good pay and lots of work and alot of times you can work from anywhere in the world.

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