Comment: Most Americans are unthinking sheep.

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Most Americans are unthinking sheep.

Parents have no responsibility over their children in school. It's not the parents that say their children have ADHD but the schools. The schools take orders from the Govt, and GOVT in immoral partnership with BigPharma, HAS AN AGENDA to drug and dumb down kids more than they already are in order to make them more docile, controllable and programmable making BigPharma rich and Govt even more controlling. People have become commodity.
This thread is a no brainer. The French obviously are not corrupt or at least not to the extent America is. Apparently in France schools still care about the welfare of their charges. This is simply not the case in America.
It does not matter if the Nurse in the school has a heart of gold, the fact is she also has been programed. If a kid shows behavioral symptoms as outlined by the criminal govt the nurse must "follow the program" and suggest medication.
Here's one of many documentaries on this same site regarding drugging of kids:
If a school says your kid has ADHD, ADD or any psychological disorder take your child out of the school or suffer the consequences because there is no arguing with the govt agenda - they want us totally controlled and paying, and when we are spent they will kill us.
As an aside, I own a dinky cell phone and today for the first time I got two advertisements on my phone, and one read: "Fluoride is good for your teeth; drink plenty of tap water and visit your dentist."
I welcome a citizen uprising. I believe America will not survive without a Revolution.