Comment: crazy. Another programmer/EE/sysadmin on here.

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crazy. Another programmer/EE/sysadmin on here.

I think with the combined IT/programming experience of DP users here we could start the next google and buy our freedom =)

I would really be curious the ratio of engineers/programmers/IT to the user base here as a whole.

15 years experience here
- 15 years on/off systems administrator- linux systems, ISP, san/NFS/Email clusters, etc. No windows.
- 8 years linux kernel level programming on wireless embedded hardware, x86, BEMIPS, LEMIPS
- Network Engineering - multi-gigabit routers/switches, cisco,brocade, HP, VLANs, QinQ, design and virtualization w/ ESX on linux.
- Designed enhanced full duplex 802.11 protocol

--- homesteader, DIYer on about everything I can get my hands on including my automobiles and home building.

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.