Comment: I've already read the cali codes

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I've already read the cali codes

and the Cali Constitution in total more than once.

As far as an attorney, here is an example.

My company had a civil case brought against it for some bogus link to an accident of an off-duty employee of my company had last year by an ambulance chasing attorney.

My company has our own corporate attorney and the insurance company hired a law firm to handle the issue.

Both Attorneys handling the case did their standard work as normal but because of the circumstances and the obvious false claims by the plaintiff (outright provable lie made by them obviously sourced in a standard format to limit liability of them) I presented to the attorneys that I wanted to challenge jurisdiction for lack of standing by the plaintiff (the plaintiff had clear standing against the man who worked at my company who was not on-duty but not my company) and I informed the attorneys that once jurisdiction was challenged on the basis that the claims were false that if the plaintiff did not immediately drop the case that my company wanted to immediately file a counter suit against the plaintiff and be a counter plaintiff which is clearly allowable in the Cali code of civil procedure. The attorneys told me that I could not do that.

I then provided the exact code explicitly allowing this and then they said that this was not how things were done. Not because it wasn't allowable but because of basic understanding of how the judges operate and they did not want to "piss off the judge". I stood firm and formally filed my presentment to my Attorneys. Not only did they not re-present my presentment to the plaintiff and court but they went their standard direction. Not cool with me because they are there to represent not be the deciders. I knew their route was the safer route but the problem was I have a small company and this was a MAJOR burden on me and disrupted my timelines for deliveries to major clients. My goal was to challenge the plaintiff's standing based on their clear lies about the facts but I wanted to go after the plaintiff's attorneys BAR card if they did not immediately drop the case because I knew how they do such things with private investigators to limit their own liability and provide cover for themselves. I also knew the plaintiff's attorneys would drop it immediately if they knew what I knew but I was willing to go for the throat so to speak of not only the attorney by going after their bar card if they didn't back off but also go after the private investigator for their fraudulent scheme of providing cover to the attorneys for their false claims and outright lies.

I knew this would be the fastest way out and cost the least for the insurance company and take the least amount of my time because they would have just dropped the case immediately. I also wanted discovery to find out how in the hell they ever linked the guy to my company in the first place because it was never disclosed by the man employed in any police reports. They got the info somewhere and casted a wide phishing net over everything financially connected to the guy which the attorneys told me was becoming the norm in such cases.

The attorneys did not want to do this because that would not have made them as much money to do it the standard route which would be dragged out for nearly a year.

The attorneys did what they wanted to do regardless of my presentment and they were shocked when I knew and demonstrated the code that I could counterclaim immediately.

Then once they went through all their mumbo jumbo bs the insurance appointed attorney took all the facts from my very thorough documentation and made their response the attorney missed the word NOT in literally hundreds of lines in the response filings that was saying the man was NOT under agency or capacity of my company at the time of the incident. The attorneys work resulting is saying repeatedly that the man was under capacity instead of NOT under capacity of my company. The sack dick attorney had basically just typed one predicate of the sentence with the exact opposite conclusion and then copied it into every line of the documents. I had to correct the assholes work myself and then when it was finalized and I went to sign the papers the attorney had the signature line as declaring truth and correct under penalty of perjuring in the signature line. I told the attorney that I would never accept criminal liability for filing such a document with the court and just like your arrogant ass he thought I was some nutcase who did not know the law and thought this was going to cause major problems. The attorney explained to me how he had been practicing law for 25 years and he 'knew' what he was talking about.

I told the attorney that I would only sign under the nullity of God and explained to him the entire history of why the oath was under God in common law and sent him all the background from various States on why the oath had been changed to accepting criminal liability for perjury from under God because of stupid ignorant atheist not recognizing God in court oaths and thus the courts changing it to EITHER god or accepting liability as an accepted oath for the court. Then the attorney went and looked it up in Cali code and his own firms internal procedures manuals and sure enough there it was in BOTH that either form of oath was indeed valid. Then he was like well I have been doing this for 25 years and had never heard of such a thing and that well you 'learn something new everyday'. Not only did I know it was there but more importantly I knew WHY it was there and he had no idea that it was there OR why it was ever God or why it was changed. So after having to waste a bunch of time thanks to his ignorant ass he finally changed the doc and I signed under God. The plaintiff dropped the case and the insurance ended up dropping my company after my company won the case through dropping the claims by the plaintiff.

The whole time the attorneys were saying that it is becoming normal for a wide net to be cast in such circumstances but I wanted to use this opportunity to put a stop to it and show the insurance companies how to save money and put a stop to this phishing scam. No one wanted to do it because everyone was making money off of 'not pissing off the judge'. I really think they saw me as a threat to their little game of lets not piss off the judge and milk it for a little while and still get a victory out of it. It was multiple fails the whole time and they even try to hide the fact that one could be a counter plaintiff right out of the gate if necessary. Ending it immediately with jurisdictional challenge on standing and letting the other side know it will be blood so to speak and they will be exposed if they don't just drop it was not as profitable for them and the insurance company was not willing to take the chance of spending a little now (if necessary) to end this bs scam practice by the scumbag ambulance chasers so they won't have to spend so much down the road.

Weak and incompetent bastards. So don't tell me about getting an attorney. They make money at this game and have no interest other than maximizing their profits off conflict. Of course you will probably say they could have possibly made more money doing what I said but that is not the case at all and when I told them I was aware of the scheme with PIs providing cover for this it was apparent that they saw this as a threat to a bigger picture that is going on as a regular practice under a gentlemen's agreement between attorneys. I also really wanted to find out how they got the link to my company because it was clear to that the info had to come from the State and I wanted to file suit against the State for enabling such private information to be accessible to enable such a scheme.

So yes I am no dummy. I have worked and work with attorneys on a regular basis for business as an executive of my company and have much more dirty details about the practice of US Attorneys that is so damn criminal it will make everyone sicker than they already are at the state of our "government".

Remember when I said I destroyed the courts logic inone of my own traffic cases when I got that one loss? It was over that same oath issue and the commissioner failed so bad because he did not allow my words to be considered because I wouldn't take the oath according to his attempt to extort me into a contract for liability of perjury and I took the oath under God. The commissioners knew nothing of this either just like my company's attorneys in the civil case and the commissioner block my facts from being heard and made a complete ass out of himself by absolutely failing at his own game because arrogance and ignorance of law. I knew the law but I had to deal with their failures and arrogance because they just think I am some sovcit because they got brainwashed by targeted ADL propaganda intended to write their minds with confusion.

It is never ending fail by nearly everyone in this field because they just want to control and be arrogant assholes saying you need to go to law school and learn the law or get an attorney who can help you (drain your wallet??) when they don't know what the hell they are doing themselves.

I am way more experienced than you think. I know their normal interpretations like you constantly demonstrate here claiming that it is all about case law but that is not correct at all. The oath was changed by rules of the court and civil procedure changing for very specific historical reasons that will NEVER show up in case law. There are many other places in law that will NEVER show up in case law because it is not within the nature of these things to ever show up in case law because they are mutually exclusive to case law ever being able to be set.

More fail and incompetence from you chicken. Maybe its time to change your DP account name again to 'Indian Fail Ale'. This would be more fitting.

You arrogant attorneys have destroyed America with assuming you are always and everyone else is wrong. Your ignorance and arrogance is going to cause a war in this country if the people cannot be heard and the system humble themselves before the facts and history. Of course that's exactly what the ADL wants. They want concentration camps and death camps and they maximum confusion because they want America to tear itself apart from arrogant confusion all in the name of preventing these scenarios.

You big dummy!!

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...