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I'm saying what you are saying

The market is just beginning a long bull run that will last many years.

People say, "But oh, even if the market keeps going up it doesn't matter because the dawller is going to be worth less."
Well, let's say I offered a person who is making $60,000 a year, a salary increase of 300% or $180,000. Do you think that person is going to respond by saying,"But oh, even if my salary triples it doesn't matter because the dawller is going to be worth less."?
Only a moron would say something like that.

March 2009 a gallon of gas was about $1.86. Today it's about $3.30 a gallon. That's a 177% increase. March 2009 the S&P 500 was about 666. Today it's around 1800. So it's about 270% higher. I can't control the price of gas. But I can either move with the markets or sit on my 'salary' and become impoverished.,,&Unit=US%20$/G

After the market plunged (Oct 2007-Mar 2009) day traders were loaded with obscene amounts of cash.
In March of 2009 I was looking at opening an account with Peter Schiff's Euro Capital to grow and protect the trading profits.
When I called Euro Pacific to start the process I learned that they were still thinking the market was going to keep plunging.
Since I knew the market had found a bottom, and I knew Peter Schiff was looking at going short, we parted ways before we even began.
I was looking for a 'buy and hold' strategy to manage my day trading profits for me.

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