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this article would seem to

this article would seem to suggest, yes, that is how they operate........would explain why they keep things so secret.........their behaviour wouldnt be tolerated.......instead of being the people they want people to believe them to be, their something completely different, their real action deplorable.....honest government is a fraud, it is a damn illusion

They cant let their words and actions stand for themselves because their upmost goal is to stay in power, and ALOT of the words and actions is to this goal ALONE, and when power comes into play, so does the "any means nescacery", and when that comes into play, all the "rules" are ignored, or worst, talk about circumventing things that are suppose to keep them in check, where the talking alone, says more to me of their character, and enough for me to want them fired, as a MINIMUM.......and if they say that is an excessive overeaction, then ill concede, when they concede, that the actions of big government as the damn cause......having people in the uppermost bit of our societies, with access to resources no average person has, AND have this kind of personality.....makes me very, very, angry..........they are attacking, people, yes, fucking attacking, not guiding, as their role should be, in an impartial manner, it was never their business to be in our business, yet they are and they do, and they still retain the right to their privacy.......this system is fucked