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Thank you for the all great suggestions

I believe this could be the launch of a very effective plan!

I have recently been elected to sit on the board of a 501C3, World Wellness Education. We are already involved in many of your suggestions and would like to expand our outreach and influence. I believe DP would be a wonderful way to help bring awareness to the sheeple by unifying awakened people on a local level. Thank you so much for stimulating a new possibility.

World Wellness Education distributes a list of our local (tri-county) organic farms and stores, host a food websit and a FB page. We also produce a local TV show interviewing people who she healed themselves from various diseases, using multiple modalities. We have a very strong emphasis on diet. We are also hosting our 3rd annual Taste of Wellness Expo in Leesburg FL on January 24th. It will have 63 vendor tables and about 400 visitors attending. Our founder has also written 3 food & health related books.

I am very happy to explore the participation and support of yourself and all the DP members.

Your suggestions:
Form strong relationships with food producers.
- And also food production technologies such as Tower Gardens.

Make a list of producers who make food the way you want-offer that list to others on the internet.
- We provide a local lists for local distribution and post on our website and FB page

Form an association of buyer's.
Form an association of producers.
- Such as a Co-Op?

Grow your own.
- I personally don't have the time or convenience, but I support the local farmers mentioned above for my 70% raw diet.

Grow for others and compete.
- Again see above.

Innovate a technology that allows you to test food-like a litmus paper of some kind.
- Such as clinical testing for toxic substances and unknown factors
Don't buy until you're satisfied.

And sue producers who harm you.
- That takes vast resources of time, money, attorneys, research, well documents testimonials, and case studies

"A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote to keep things the same", Buckminster Fuller..
A choice for liberty is always a choice for liberty.