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In reply to comment: Bad analogy... (see in situ) doesn't have to be doesn't have to be that guys prayer mat and it would still be offensive. But fine, you don't like this analogy. How about this one?
Does it not bother you that Independence Day has become a "fck yeah" holiday? Nobody cares why we are celebrating that day. They just wanna eat, drink, and blow sht up. People don't even call it Independence Day anymore. They call it the 4th of July. It's completely lost its meaning. I don't know about you but I get a little emotional about Independence Day. It actually means something to me. But it's offensive that most people don't understand or appreciate the meaning of that day.

I still won't give an atheist a gift on a Christmas because they have no reason to celebrate the birth of Christ. You don't normally give a Christmas gift to someone who is Islamic or Buddhist because it would be sacrilegious...they don't celebrate the birth of Jesus because they don't believe he is the son of God. so someone who is an atheist also does not believe he is the son of a God.

But if you are going to celebrate a Christian holiday, don't be offended the next time a Christian prays to you or tells you to accept Christ.

And you are right about one thing, Christmas has changed. That's because the corporations have taken hold of it and turned it into a money making scheme. It's become commercialized. And is offensive because it has lost its meaning. They turned it into a holiday about Santa and gifts but they disguise it with "family and loved ones". The purpose of that day is supposed to be to celebrate our Lord. The corporations discovered that if they change the meaning of it than they will make more money. So is offensive.

Anyway. I can argue about this all day but it's stupid cause you're just going to keep saying that I'm wrong. I think it's sad that you refuse to see my point. Therefor this conversation is pointless.

Don't take offense to this but I pray someday you will accept Christ in your life. Enjoy your family.