Comment: Disgusting, But Not Suprised

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Disgusting, But Not Suprised

I live in Lancaster County alongside the Amish and Mennonite families. In the five years since moving here, my experience with these people has been nothing but pleasant, unlike the experience I have had with the "English" people in the area. In five years time, the everyday "English" have ignored, snubbed, and have been downright nasty to the "newcomers" (my family), however the Amish and Mennonite families have been very kind, helpful, and honest.

In my opinion, the "English" are jealous of these people. Unfortunately we see similar stories like this every week in our local news outlets. The really scary part is the fact that the Amish are really afraid of the coming financial collapse (which they are very aware of). There fear is that the "English" will enslave them when the grocery stores no longer provide the needed food for their existence because they are the only ones left that can grow and produce food.