Comment: I'm grateful

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I'm grateful

I'm appreciative to the DP posters who challenge me and make me strive to research more, think harder, and work improve myself by reflecting on my flaws and faults and false conclusions.

I am grateful to the DP posters who bump a top post I made, or have a kind word, or a hug, or something nice to say to me, or about me, and stepped up to defend me on issues they agreed with me, even if it was just partially.

I am indebted to (((MN))) ((((mods)))) and the people who supported my first GOP convention last Spring.

I am grateful for the upvotes because so many like to talk about my downvotes.

Granger's Great Whole Pumpkin Pie

1# Whole Sugar Pie Pumpkin, topped for a lid, seeded
1 can sweetened condensed milk, pour into the cavity of the pumpkin
cinnamon, whatever seasonal spices are suiting you.. pumpkin spice
1 shot southern comfort.. or what you're in the mood for..grand manier, brandy..

bake in preheated 375 degree oven about an hour (I place mine in ovenproof bowl), it's done when you can easily peirce the skin and flesh of the pumpkin.

Serve with frozen yogurt or ice cream and cookies, like peacan sandies.