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Say...don't take this the

Say...don't take this the wrong way but I never understood someone being agnostic. I kind of feel like you either do or you don't. How is it that someone can just not know? Like...don't you want to just know one way or another? I least an atheist has made a conclusion.

I don't know if this will help you on your journey but there is a difference between having faith and "knowing". I used to be agnostic because I could honestly say that I " didn't know". I used to feel that there needed to be a definitive answer. But the answer all along is faith.

Faith doesn't just happen, you have to open your heart and accept Christ in your life. Having faith is a feeling beyond words...beyond being able to explain the unknown. I don't think anyone who believes can honestly say that they "know" but they have surrendered to Christ...and that is what faith is.

I'm not going to preach to you but I also hope you don't find offense when I say that I hope you will someday accept Christ in your life.