Comment: "I'm not saying I'm running..."

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"I'm not saying I'm running..."

I'm just saying how I would run if I were running.

I see the advantage of having Howard Stern on his side. But not as the VP. But he definitely needs free media, and he needs more than a website, and Facebook.

I was in a cafe in Taipei today, and found an old copy of the New Yorker to read, and found this article:

In 1934, [Upton] Sinclair explained what did happen that election year, in a nonfiction sequel called “I, Candidate for Governor, and How I Got Licked.” “When I was a boy, the President of Harvard University wrote about ‘the scholar in politics,’ ” Sinclair began. “Here is set forth how a scholar went into politics, and what happened to him.” “How I Got Licked” was published in daily installments in fifty newspapers. In it, Sinclair described how, immediately after the Democratic Convention, the Los Angeles Times began running on its front page a box with an Upton Sinclair quotation in it, a practice that the paper continued, every day, for six weeks, until the opening of the polls. “Reading these boxes day after day,” Sinclair wrote, “I made up my mind that the election was lost.”

Sinclair got licked, he said, because the opposition ran what he called a Lie Factory. “I was told they had a dozen men searching the libraries and reading every word I had ever published.” They’d find lines he’d written, speeches of fictional characters in novels, and stick them in the paper, as if Sinclair had said them. “They had a staff of political chemists at work, preparing poisons to be let loose in the California atmosphere on every one of a hundred mornings.” Actually, they had, at the time, a staff of only two, and the company wasn’t called the Lie Factory. It was called Campaigns, Inc.

You need a way to combat the Lie Factory.

Frankly I'd be more interesting in watching this fight than watching Rand pander from within the confines of the GOP. The nice thing about Jesse is that he's got no constraints. He can say anything. That would make it a much more interesting fight, from my perspective.

He's the man.