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Hello jonat3,

JFK was a full blown conspiracy involving the CIA, FBI, Mafia and other intelligence agencies. It was the same with President Lincoln, but people need to do their own research, and not believe anyone. The group that the US broke relations with, after the Lincoln assassination, is the same group that controls the CIA, Mossad, MI5 and all intelligence agencies. Banking is the common theme between these two incidents, and it even is the same with the sinking of the Titanic. Paper is not money and much less digital currency. The major breakthrough for them is that people accept digital currency. The internet is not free and it will never be free - it will always be regulated by the powers that be. Obviously, they are working hard to tighten their grip over all aspects of the internet. So the fact that Bitcoin's code is "open source" doesn't mean anything since it will just take a simple law to prohibit its usage once people have embraced Bitcoin. I'm not saying Bitcoin will be the currency of the NWO, but it will be digital, and this is playing right into their hands. A true free market does not exist since everything is regulated - and this is one of the main points we disagree. Regulation is the leverage you talk about, so I challenge anyone to name any product, market or any wealth generating process that isn't regulated. If everything is regulated, then a "Free Market" doesn't exist, only an illusion of a Free Market exists.

The true powers that be (which isn't the government) work in very deceptive ways. For example, they deceive the people into believing that they have control, while in reality, the people only have a false perception of control. One such scenario is the "Constitution for the United States of America". This gives the people the false belief that their government is under their control, but it is far from the truth. The group that controls the Central Banks, weapons and regulates commerce has all the power, and the Bitcoin system is exactly what they want. In the future, they won't even have to use paper nor ink - they will say they are "Going Green"! Understanding Secret Societies is key to understanding where true power emanates. You will notice that ALL positions of power are held by a person who is part of a Secret Society. Banking and Intelligence is run by the Knights of Malta; Presidents, Senators, Representative have to at least be Freemasons. Political Policy, Education and all Secret Societies are controlled by the Jesuits, which include the people who claim to be "Jews" but are not. Sherman Skolnick's work provides great insights into the corrupt Legal and Commercial system around the world. And yes, Ron Paul and Rand Paul are part of the system, whether they acknowledge it or not.