Comment: That is a bit too strong of a characterization.

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That is a bit too strong of a characterization.

They behave as though they are taking something hallucinogenic. It's more implied or indirect that something is going on that is not normal. Only the drug alcohol is mentioned or alluded to in the Bible, but nowhere is it stated that scriptures were written while under the influence of anything. However, they are certainly seeing things that others are not.

If anyone questions Christianity, they are labelled anti-christian. The same tactic is being used by our government these days. We are all terrorists if we question the government.

This issue of magical thinking and fantastic visions is a big one in the Bible. Some examples of this are:
a talking serpent,
a great sea creature swallowing someone then spitting them out,
a tower built up to heaven,
languages being magically created,
a boat holding every known animal,
a talking burning bush in the Old Testament,
a talking mule in the New Testament,
angels appearing throughout,
gods copulating with humans being called immaculate conceptions,
someone walking on water,
catching a boat load of fish on command, and
apocalyptic visions seen by one man on an island.

These things are accepted as givens and unquestioned as having had occurred exactly as written. They are accepted as facts, and anyone who questions them is labelled anti-christian and from the devil.