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When you start calling your baby, the DP...

the "Daily Echo Chamber" (as you used caps to suggest it was an alter entity), when you, sir, buy in to the "fluff in the whirlwind", I get worried. I mean, its no big deal because we're just blogging, right? We don't really "do" anything. This "experiment" is just a passing thing, right? I think we will all agree that the DP is more than that.

Personally, imho, I don't see how the stocks façade can continue. It can ONLY continue as a rigged game. That being said, who decides when the jig is up? Certainly, not the everyday investors so, where does that leave the majority of us? In the dark and at the mercy of the banksters, I conclude.

Points of concern:

The middle class has evaporated.
The tax base is shrinking drastically.
Those that still have jobs see THEIR taxes increasing DAILY!
Who supports the wall street growth? The global economy? QE Infinity?
Where does that leave Americans who are jobless and poorer every day?
The "nanny state" expands exponentially by the quarter.

I am concerned. With all due respect I don't see this concern as an "echo chamber".

YES! The stock market has exploded and a LOT of money has been made in the last two years by ANYONE who worked it and there is more money to be made, I agree. But, at what juncture does it fail?

Does it fail sooner, or later? Ron Paul said two or three years ago that "they" (the FED) could continue this charade for 10-15 more years!

I don't like being at the mercy of a global power that sees our 401k's/retirement accounts, etc. as equal to those in Greece, Cyprus, Spain, etc. That scares me. Losing our sovereignty as a Nation scares me.

I am sure there were many "echoes" in September, 1929. We must all remember that echoes are a "repeat" of something said. Lies don't (usually) get repeated and re-repeated enough to continually come back around as they are vetted and challenged by those smart enough to know better. Usually, the loudest shouts, the ones that endure, are the strongest echoes.

See through the "fluff in the whirlwind", folks. We have always been smart enough here to do that. Trust your heart. That makes it easier to live with your decisions.

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