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No country has a perfect government, not even Israel.

From my perspective.. Israel is the most advanced FREE MARKET, is the most sovreign country, with protection of freedom for the people than any place on Earth. I am amazed and excited what advances they are making. I LOVE seeing what Israel is producing, and I wish that it was us..

I see some of the projects.. there's one in Negave where they have set up a hydroponic system that uses biodegradable ceramic solar power (which most of Israel is solar power, but they get power from the water.. waste water.. an eco system, though they just made natural gas and oil finds).. I see the headlands out here where I live.. (Koch owns them) and I think.. "Man, that system in Israel would be PERFECT for that Koch property.. we would be re-using and recycling waste water to grow massive USDA 100% organic crops and even providing indepenent energy!!! WOW!!!"

Do you have any idea how many government layers I would need to go through.. and because the property is owned by Koch.. how many liberals will actually study the proposal? I think few.. I think most will freak as soom as they hear the word, "Israel" or Koch.. andf there would be huge protests and boycotts.

Now what I just told you was my idea.. and I'm no rocket scientist, but I promise you.. all rocket scientists are connected to Israel in some way, shape, or form.. and entrepreneurs.. why do you think China and India LOVE Israel? You didn't know that they do?

So because of the freedom, the innovation, the ability to trade from garbanzo beans to rocket science in Israel, many people with money are connected to Israel and of course they don't want to lose that connection, especially when that translates into many jobs.

Thus said.. you have people who support Israel for many reasons.. secular, religious, and most people I know believe that Israel has a right to defend itself.

And finally, many people I know don't see America as being that different than Israel when it comes to wiping people off a map and refusing to leave when you find out that your property belonged to an Indian tribe that is suffering on a reservation, or was anhilated.

So maybe it's time to stand for a "Never again"? while we live simple in the hopes the other's simply live.