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I know many adults that have ADHD

And they are absolutely helped by drugs -- those that don't get diagnosed as children spent their lives self-medicating with alcohol and stimulants like coffee and cigarettes. Their prescribed medication does wonders for them. All this anti-drug talk creates social stigma for ADHD and makes it difficult for people to get their medication.

People here should open their eyes -- this is absolutely a libertarian cause. The FDA/DEA limits the amount of certain ADHD drugs because they are precursors for illegal drugs. It creates shortages for people who need medication. Chain drug store pharmacists routinely treat people with ADHD like drug addicts or criminals when requesting their medication. THIS IS WRONG. And blaming a brain chemistry issue on upbringing, or anything else is harmful to real people.

Some ADHD patients are helped by CBT alone or in combination with medication. But just like other mental health issues not everyone can be helped by therapy alone.

Do you live in France and interact with parents of children with ADHD or adults with ADHD there? Do you know if the situation is actually better there or are you just relying on news reports? Maybe their healthcare system has flaws that discourage medication or diagnosing mental illness. I know several people with adult ADHD in Europe who have had a hellish time (or have found it impossible) to be medicated there.

I think these reports are not as honest as they seem, is all. They stigmatize medicating a medical condition. If you don't want your kid to take meds -- nobody is forcing you to medicate your children! But don't stigmatize adults and kids that need drugs to treat a medical condition. Just like you wouldn't stigmatize a diabetic for needing insulin, *even if* some cases can be managed with diet alone.