Comment: It wasn't about the fishing license

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It wasn't about the fishing license

Here's a 30-minute interview where he explains himself:

He wanted to be arrested, and created the situation to make it happen so that he could fight "Rome" from within. He believes that he did something (I'm not clear on exactly what) after that arrest that removed immunity from the legal system for the first time in 1000 years. He seems to sincerely believe that what he's doing will destroy the judicial system from within.

He's further out there than most. Just to take one example, he says that "registered" is really "reGEISTered" and "geist" in German is "spirit" (cf. "zeitgeist") so a "registered citizen" is a ghost. A lot of his reasoning is like that.

Unlike some he's not trying to make money off of advice that's likely to get the buyers into deeper trouble than whatever they're already in. He may be delusional but he's putting himself on the line to test out what he's convinced is right, so I respect him for that. And I doubt we've heard the last of him.