Comment: "Ded Moroz" was around before "Santa Claus".

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"Ded Moroz" was around before "Santa Claus".

Santa Claus is a nonsense Americanized version of the German SANKT NIKLAUS (pronounced sahnkt nee-klaus) or Dutch version "Sinterclass".

And the Santa Claus "tradition" which isn't very old is a commercialized merge of northern German and norse and "Kris Kringle" traditions with Saint Nicholas of the 4th century in Turkey.

The Ded Moroz (Father Frost) version doesn't branch off of the western santa claus, but more from the norse/baltic tradition.

Christ's Mass is a holy day of obligation. The result of it is pagan nonsense. Obviously the original St. Nicholas isn't. Everything else subtracts from the religion, history and story of Christ.

I find it ironic how atheists here incorrectly cite the pagan tradition thinking they are launching an objective criticism of Christianity and then observe Christians trying to defend that same pagan tradition.