Comment: Happy Thanksgiving from Fonta

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Happy Thanksgiving from Fonta

Every song, poem, prayer, expression of caring and shared personal story was so meaningful to me and contributed to the incredible transition which has taken place in me.

I would love to respond to each many were deeply from the heart and I connected to on a personal, tears in the eyes level...but don't want to artificially bump this thread although I feel strongly that it is for and about all of us ...not just me. It is about the value in community and caring,this new media information flow and the good that can come from sharing our feelings and stories and seeing our likenesses, the hope and faith in our future that grows exponentially as the best in human nature is displayed genuinely.

Most of us have been touched by cancer and other preventable dis-eases and are aware of the current state of the medical complex and its so-called research, the greed driven pharmaceuticals and agribusinesses. Together, it represents a huge battleground for liberty. Thanks to you and others, I am on the battleground now. I have a battle plan against cancer and I honestly believe I am going to win this battle

The changes that have taken place in me...body, mind and spirit (and my battle-plan is very much spirit led and people-guided. Are nothing short of astounding. On November 14 I was scheduled for a massive dose of chemo... The spirit did not have much time to change my mind; however, here I am getting ready to celebrate life with all of my family who has flown in.

I give thanks for each of you today and raise my carrot ginger juice to you in celebration of life and the sometime liberty we will, together, restore! Salud!