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You didn't know Columbus was a sephordic Jew? You can call it meddling but being the USA has always had Jews.

Yes, I know that the Jewish population went through several purges, where the population was chased out or slaughtered.. and people moved into their homes and claimed them.. goes back and forth over the centuries.. and in my heart, I know people hate Jews. I did not know that, but today, I suspect a person HATES JEWS and HATES Israel.. and so I am glad the Jews have a home.

I don't agree with you about "colonia greed". I think because people HATE JEWS and have hated Jews since before the exodus, ... break in thought.. I only came to my understanding of Israel around last May.. when the light went on.. and I had an OMG awakening about what is Israel.. I think I have an idea now from being on DP what it is to be a Jew.. and if I was a Jew.. I would not come to DP.. I would say DP is a Jewish HATE group.. my points went from three digits to hovering in the positive single didgets.. I find it AMAZING.. If I was new to DP, I would not side with anyone who was pro-Israel because of the HATE, and I mean profioubnd HATE and Blame put on I*srael and the Jews.

I aooreciciate the secular state of Israel. I wish America was more like Israel.

Obama is MY president. I dobn't hate Obama, I don't agree with his policies. I don't hate Democrats.. I believe their hearts are in the right place.

I think those who say they Hate lukid.. right..

What do you make of this statement: "I LOVE Israel and that's why I want the Jews OUT!"? I hear this too..

I like Lukid because they don't bow to the UN and sign treaties.. they stand for Israel's right to defend the people (whose majority have been IDF)..