Comment: Israel has many state-owned or subsidized companies

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Israel has many state-owned or subsidized companies

They are much less free market than America.

I don't know if you've ever watched Seinfeld, but if you do, do you remember Jerry's uncle Leo?

His uncle Leo claimed that anyone who did him wrong was anti-semitic. So people did not take him seriously.

You have to remember the same thing Granger. Personally I liked Ariel Sharon's leadership and I can't stand Netanyahu. I liked Kadima initially under Sharon, but disliked it under Olmert. I like Rabin a lot, I was so-so on Ehud Barak.

I think Netanyahu is the worst leader in Israel's modern history.

If you move to Israel Granger, you have to decide who to vote for. That means you have to be critical of the leaders to decide. You can't be scared to criticize anything an Israeli leader does just because it might get taken the wrong way.

If Olmert is corrupt, then he's corrupt. If Netanyahu is spineless, then he is spineless. It is what it is.

If Mossad says no to an attack on Iran, then they say no. If America refuses to attack Iran, then they refuse. Netanyahu has put himself in an impossible position, and he has no one to blame but himself.