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1. It's sad to say, but real jobs are mostly for suckers. If you truly produce something of value, you will be working for others. That is to say, what you produce will be confiscated (at least in large part). That is to say, you will be a slave.

2. And you will be a slave working to produce that which feeds the evil system of enslavement. You will be funding your own enslavement. I think that is morally objectionable.

3. The spending which is taking place now, to a greater and greater degree, is the spending of the loot which is taken from those who are suckers doing real jobs.

4. Your desire for a real job is (at least initially) to be applauded, but unless you can find such a job in an isolated economic community which shields you from the psychpathic slave masters, it's probably not what you want.

5. I think the conclusion is obvious: It's better to drain the system and create an independent economic community on the side. Even going on unemployment is contributing to the solution (though that may have other costs in terms of becoming dependent). Being productive to feed the evil system is to be avoided.