Comment: Sure I remember Uncle Leo

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Sure I remember Uncle Leo

And what was great about Seinfeld was how we could all LOL about the Uncle Leos, who are as bad as the people who BLAME Jews for everything (in the name of zionism, Israel, Lukid, etc).

Netanyahu spineless? He has just made a stand against America's policies over Iran. And I think he is doing a fantastic job of leading Israel beyond "sustain".

I'm betting Netanyahu is going to win because Israel does have a free market and is advancing way beyond the rest of the world in production of high tech, plastics, medicine..

Israel's Kibutz is not as popular as they once were, though Israel appears to give the Kibutz a lot of respect and credit for sustaining until real business could be developed as it seems to me that they have moved away from the socialist/communist kibutz model and are now embarking on the Mushav community business model, which yes, the state subsidizes security because most everyone was IDF and expected to take part in defense if and when called back to duty.

But what I'm seeing, and why it's so exiting is that Israel is doing what it can to stimulate business of all sizes, unlike the USA which does what it can to kill business with taxes, regulations and the UN Agenda sustaining for the environment, profitting off people being the problem.. Israel sees people as a solution, not a problem.