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Comment: Holiday pay is only if you work full time.

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Holiday pay is only if you work full time.

Walmart hires many part time workers, and living on a poverty wage (subsidised by government food stamps)doesn't leave you much of a "choice" as to whether or not you work on Thanksgiving. Are poorer people not entitled to enjoy the festive season?
Walmart is well known to be a crap employee, and when our own big shed retail outlet wanted to introduce Walmart's employment practices in New Zealand it was met with stiff resistance.
From the horses mouth.
As for China, whilst many companies may well treat their employee's well, many more don't. Lets not kid ourselves that all is happy happy joy joy in the Chinese manufacturing sector.
The nets round the Apple (and other) factories are not there for decoration, and are not called Suicide Nets for nothing.
I have seen them in China, but not in the USA or Europe. I wonder why?