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AllPaul.. in all sincerity, do what YOU want. I am not recruiting for the GOP. I did 16 years as a LP member. Maybe it's YOUR turn? I did 17 years as an indy petitioning for ballot access and open debates. Maybe it's YOUR turn?

It's my turn to be in the GOP facing the establishment and materizing Ron Paul's message, which Rand does a great job, I have a Liberty committee. People I met in Meet-up who joined the GOP, like me, are now preparing to run for office and I'm happy to help.

When I came to DP I was still an Indy. I joined the GOP to help Ron Paul get the nomination. I stayed in the GOP to help Ron Paul Republicans face the establishment and get into offices.

I have an interest in what dierection the Liberty Movement is going to go, as I have an interest in where the rEVOlution is going to go.

I learned some things about Israel last May that has changed my heart about Israel and now I believe that it is the LOVE for both Israel and her enemies that is the solution. I encourage you and whoever, do what YOU want.

The game is absolutely rigged, and as far as I'm concerned crying about it from the outseide didn't work for me.. but MAYBE it will work for YOU.. GOOD LUCK. Sincerely!!