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Comment: I saw the movie twice!

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I saw the movie twice!

I saw the movie twice at the theaters when it first came out. I thought Penelope Cruze was totally awesome in it, and stole every scene. Camereon Diaz was also great. Tom Cruise had great chemistry with both actresses, and took on a difficult role and showed his talent.

The sequencing was a little hard to follow the first time. It wasn't easy figuring out what was real, what was a dream, what already happened, and what never really was. But that is also what makes this film so worthwhile. It makes you think, and then makes you think some more.

The music was also really well done. Nancy Wilson, the guitarist from the group "Heart" (Barracuda, Dog and the Butterfly, Crazy on You, etc.), was the musical director for the film.

I'm not sure if the film has a specific message about living forever, or living through dreams, or being made alive after being frozen. The ending seems to suggest we should live for the moment and make the best of it -- whatever the obstacles. But there is enough ambiguity in the film that you can interpret things in a variety of ways.

The movie is extremely well acted and produced, and spellbinding entertainment. I like the fact that this movie is about characters and human psychological struggle -- and NOT about cheap special effects, people shooting guns around, things blowing up, "good guys" .vs. "bad guys", computer graphics b. s., and the usual lowest denominator garbage that so many Hollywood movies are about.

It's a movie well worth seeing multiple times....