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I am not sure I am following you here

You said"
"man gets arrested for refusing to provide a name"

I do not know of any actual charge on the books for being arrested "for not providing a name" but I have experienced this scenario:

I got arrested (for real) for disorderly conduct after not providing a name and not claiming to be a US Citizen. After a TSA "agent" and DHS Manager blocked my access to a plane for refusing an unlawful search, I requested local airport police to arrest those claimed agents (they explicitly claimed to be under Constitutional capacity) for breach of duty and breach of my peace. I requested the arrest be made by local airport police NOT DHS/TSA and then the local police and DHS/TSA made me leave the airport without performing the arrest as demanded. The local police officers, after refusing to perform the arrest and after I left the scene of the incident, came to me as I was leaving the Airport entrance asked for identification and I said no I don't have to provide you with ID. They then claimed I do because I am being detained and they are conducting an investigation, I repeated that I do not have to provide them with identification and asked on what allegations of actual injury and by whom are they investigating for, they then said are you a US Citizen, and I said I cannot make that legal determination. Then they arrested me.

When they arrested me they searched my stuff and found picture ID of 'my' (supposedly mine not sure because I cannot legally determine if it is mine or the State's or the Fed's or the IMF's with certainty) legal person and charged the person with disorderly conduct. My wife was also with me and she may have said my Name but I am not sure because of the nature of the situation but she was definitely not requesting their services in fact she was requesting they leave me alone and let me be on my way.

When I was taken to jail I demanded to see a Judge immediately due to lack of subject matter jurisdiction for lack of valid cause of action. They refused and told me to sign a bunch of stuff, I refused they said I have to get booked and I refused and demanded to see a judge, they refused and stuck me a cell and basically tortured me into agreeing to get booked by taking my warm clothes and turning down the temperature of the room until compliance was reached about 15 hours later. Before compliance under duress they literally told me that if I don't get booked then I "will die in that cell". They planned on killing me if I didn't consent to being booked. I held out as long as possible and then got booked and bailed out.

I went to arraignment said "My name is Name (First Middle Last) and I am here by special appearance only", Judge said you can't do that here and set a trial date, I objected on the grounds that the court lacked a valid cause of action. Denied objection and set a trial date.

Went to trial and when they performed roll call in the court, I repeated "My name is Name (First Middle Last) and I am here by special appearance only". Asst. DA called over the arresting officer and had a private chat with the officer and then made the officer leave the courtroom. I left the Courtroom and caught the officer in the hall and confirmed that the Asst. DA explicitly told him to leave. Asst DA came and told me he was dropping the charges I told him it was unacceptable and he gave me dismissal papers anyway and I left.

Is this the type of scenario you envisioned. If not clarify what you were seeking and I will try a hypothetical one for debate purposes.

One other thing here. I think I see what you are saying about another "witness" who is testifying. A testifying witness as to hearing me say that My Name is "Name" still does not represent any request for action of the government and it does not state one way or the other what legal status the name is they are referring to. If a witness says that guy told me his name is "Name" this still does not ascertain or claim any legal status of that name.

Here is the thing in all of this. If there is a member of the governed alleging actual injury or harm and they have all required elements in a valid cause of action and a government agent is acting on their behalf then I will happily appear generally to answer to accusations and face my accuser in a court of law as a Citizen status. At that point the court will have jurisdiction and since I am governed by law I will voluntarily appear generally for a trial by a jury of peers and not challenge on any grounds of Name or NAME because the legal status will then be that of a lawful Citizen participating in a lawful government. Any other scenario I will not appear generally and will begin to demonstrate that their claims of any power over me are unlawful.

Let me know if this satisfies the scenario you sought here.

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