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Well, I agree that a jury would have been preferable

And it somewhat negates those bus/subway ads in DC for jury nullification (one Empirical response was "they're tampering with Kokesh's jury pool!").

I think you are correct that they have some dirt on him. Perhaps I overreacted (as can be seen in the DP comment version control database (if there is one); I initially said "prosecutor" but his job is over, it's the judge's job now to hand down the sentence).

Judges are judged, as well. By deity whether one believes in that or not; and by the humans paying attention to the injustices the judge is perpetrating. I remember that judge who sent kids to prison, which I read about long before seeing "Capitalism - A Love Story", in which I learned that the judge had been sent to prison (he had an investment in the prison, so was profiting from destroying families).

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