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3D printing is the future

Well, one of the futures. Nanotechnology is the ultimate goal (well, one of the goals; femtotechnology, or attotechnology, is a future one, using parts smaller than atoms as building blocks), from which we can start creating Dyson spheres and Matrioshka brains.

One of my goals is to wrap as many stars as we can with these; with solar collectors on the inside, and batteries on the outside. This way we can capture the output of the star and ration its use; capture as close to 100% of the output, instead of the small fraction that the Earth currently captures, the rest dumping into space. And when the star is about to go nova/supernova, expand the radius so it's out of danger, but can still capture the energy of the explosion, then reconfigure to a smaller radius (depending on what ended up there, that is).

And hopefully we can figure out how to turn a star off, and ration the energy even more effectively.

Through this, we can help the universe live longer.

I think that's so cool, I love the universe so much that I'm going to extend its life.

And perhaps the existence of dark matter shows that another civilization has already started this project.

I love thinking.

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